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“The highest result of education is tolerance”

– Hellen Keller

Hello everyone! How’s it going? Today, I would like to talk about a specific topic as far as languages are concerned and also, a topic I’ve wanted to talk about for a long time. Well, I’ve heard some comments in previous occasions where people say that determined languages sound awful, I don’t like the writing or they get scared when they hear the language or see the writing terrifying. Those are one of those comments that, not exactly make the language “ugly” (so to say) but not nice to some ears.

Off course! Each to it’s own. Which means, that every person has its own taste and preferences, meaning that some people like, e.g., French, because it’s the language of love, the sound is cool, whatsoever, whereas others don’t like French because they don’t like the sound of it or don’t like the writing, etc… To others (and I guess it’s the typical example) German sounds so hard, so bad, it seems that they’re yelling at you, many reasons.

So, in my opinion, I think every language has its own beauty. Why? Because as you know, a language reflects a culture, a determined group of people, all traditions and many things that build up a society in this World. So, due to this fact, there’s no ugly language or writing. As a Polyglot, I cannot afford myself being racist, ignorant and rude because it’s illogical to study a language but at the same, to claim that you don’t like the people who speak it natively or you don’t like the country or culture. Only the language. Well, maybe if you don’t like all that, it’s ok, it’s a personal thought and decision. However, in order to understand better the language and to learn better, in my opinion, you should like at least one element. Probably we can understand the dislikes about Islamic countries (no offense intended). Why do I mention these countries? Because since their religion has so many punishments towards women (especially) or to others who commit a bad thing against their principles, people tend to dislike it and they get scared of this culture. So, maybe we can understand those facts of not liking it. However, there are positive things as well. I personally don’t know further details but I know there are positive things.

Anyways, back to the track, every language is beautiful, no matter what. A language is not precisely about sounds and writing (which are the elements that determine this relative beauty), but mainly about the representation of a country, of a culture and especially, of the society. As I once mentioned somewhere around, it would be a boring World if we close ourselves in our own worlds and not to know about the others. Therefore, this can make several opinions about ugly language, ugly people, etc…, making us ignorant and narrow-mind. So, in order to open up more towards the World, we must see every person, every culture, as a beautiful thing (including the language) because it would also be boring to speak only one language around the World. That’s why, many languages exists and many dialects. We must remember we’re not all the same on this planet. We share different things and thoughts, as well as we can offer something done by ourselves, reflecting our own identity and to show the World who we are each one of us.

I hope you enjoyed the article. My best regards.


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